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ALMA-J Workshop

Workshop for ALMA Large Proposal of gAlactic Cold gAs (ALPACA) Survey

Kana Morokuma
(Large Proposal)
Dec. 1 to 3, 2015

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【Date】Dec 1 (Tue), 2 (Wed), 3 (Thu) 2015

【Venue】Conference room in the Cosmos Lodge, Mitaka campus of NAOJ



Galaxies are multicomponent system mainly consisting of dark matter (DM), stars and interstellar medium (mainly cold gas). The evolution of DM and stellar component have been investigated by means of numerical simulations and large galaxy surveys at optical and near-infrared wavelengths. However, the evolution of the cold gas component (molecules/atoms) remains poorly explored. The redshift range of z<~2 is the era in which the current Hubble sequence emerges, as well as the era for disk galaxies converting their cold gas to stars then developing their galactic disks. Further, one can expect larger and homogeneous data set of stellar/ionized gas/atomic gas of galaxies with the new-generation instruments such as HSC, PFS, and SKA. To understand the galaxy evolution at z<~2, namely the second half of the cosmic history, it is important to investigate the molecular gas component statistically, since it links the information of other components (stellar/ionized gas/atomic gas) of galaxies.

We are now planning ALPACA survey (ALMA Large Proposal of gAlactic Cold gAs) aiming at investigating statistical properties ("amount", such as cold gas mass function) and/or detailed "spatial distribution" and "kinematics" of molecular gas of galaxies at z<~2. To design a desirable survey that can provide scientifically important and versatile data, we must list up the missing pieces for understanding the galaxy evolution, and discuss their importance. The workshop consists of invited review talks and contributed talks. Sufficient time will be spared for discussions. We are willing to discuss galaxy evolution regardless of the means (numerical simulations/semi-analytic models/observations at all wavelengths)!


Date Time Q&A Speaker Title

Day 1 (Tuesday, December 1, 2015)

09:30:00 0:30 Reception

10:00:00 0:05 0:00 Kana Morokuma-Matsui Opening remarks

10:05:00 0:30 0:10 Kana Morokuma-Matsui ALPACA Survey

10:45:00 0:20 0:10 Koichiro Nakanishi ALMA Large Proposal & Cycle 4 Capabilities

11:15:00 0:35 0:10 Masayuki Tanaka Hyper Suprime-Cam and Prime Focus Spectrograph Strategic Surveys

12:00:00 1:00 0:00 Lunch

Session 1 (Issues on galaxy formation)

13:00:00 0:35 0:10 Ryu Makiya The evolution of cold gas in a cosmological galaxy formation model

13:45:00 0:35 0:10 Takashi Okamoto Metal enrichment of passive galaxies in cosmological simulations

14:30:00 0:15 0:00 Coffee break

14:45:00 0:35 0:10 Tadayuki Kodama Environmental effects on gaseous processes

15:30:00 0:20 0:05 Lee Minju A request from a higher-z (z>2) study of environmental effect

15:55:00 0:35 0:10 Toru Yamada Shearing galaxy evolution -so, what do we expect to see in the evolving disk?

16:40:00 0:15 0:00 Coffee break

16:55:00 0:30 0:00 Kentaro Motohara Discussion

17:25:00 Fin.

Day 2 (Wednesday, December 2, 2015)

Session 2 (Cosmic evolution of the ISM from high-z to nearby galaxies)

09:30:00 0:20 0:05 Seiji Fujimoto ALMA Faint-mm Sources Down to 0.02 mJy: Physical Origins and Contributions to the Extragalactic Background Light

09:55:00 0:35 0:10 Akifumi Seko Studies of molecular gas and dust in star-forming galaxies at z=0-2

10:40:00 0:15 0:00 Coffee break

10:55:00 0:35 0:10 Nick Scoville TBA (ISM evolution revealed by dust continuum survey)

11:40:00 1:20 0:00 Lunch

13:00:00 0:35 0:10 Kazuo Sorai CO surveys of galaxies in the nearby Universe)

13:45:00 0:20 0:05 Masato Kobayashi Evolution of Giant Molecular Cloud Mass Function including Cloud-Cloud Collisions

14:10:00 0:35 0:10 Claudia Lagos TBA (ISM evolution in galaxy formation simulation & SAM)

14:55:00 0:10 0:00 Coffee break

15:05:00 0:30 0:00 Kotaro Kohno Discussion

15:35:00 0:05 0:00 Coffee break

Session 3 (Survey areas and synergy with ALPACA survey)

15:35:00 0:35 0:10 Yoshiaki Taniguchi ALPACA: ALMA Large Program for Advanced Course of Astronomy

16:20:00 0:35 0:10 Tutomu T. Takeuchi TBA (VIPERS)

17:05:00 0:35 0:10 Kiyoto Yabe Overview of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey (SXDS)

17:50:00 Fin.

19:00:00 Banquet@Kichijyoji

Day 3 (Thursday, December 3, 2015)

09:30:00 0:35 0:10 Hiroyuki Nakanishi TBA (galaxy evolution with SKA)

10:15:00 0:35 0:10 Kotaro Kohno Deep surveys using ALMA

11:00:00 1:00 0:00 Kana Morokuma-Matsui Discussion

12:00:00 Fin.

【Fees for the workshop snacks and banquet】

The participants will be asked to chip in ¥200 for snacks and drinks served during the coffee breaks at the reception. The workshop banquet is planned on Dec 2 at "Momo-kichi", a chicken restaurant in Kichijoji ( We will collect the banquet fee (¥4,000) at the reception if you join. Thank you for your cooperation!

【Invited Speakers】

Tadayuki Kodama (NAOJ)

Kotaro Kohno (Univ. of Tokyo)

Claudia Lagos (ICRAR/University of Western Australia)

Ryu Makiya (Univ. of Tokyo)

Hiroyuki Nakanishi (Kagoshima Univ.)

Takashi Okamoto (Hokkaido Univ.)

Nick Scoville (California Institute of Technology)

Akifumi Seko (Kyoto Univ.)

Kazuo Sorai (Hokkaido Univ.)

Tsutomu T. Takeuchi (Nagoya)

Masayuki Tanaka (NAOJ)

Yoshiaki Taniguchi (Ehime Univ.)

Kiyoto Yabe (IPMU/Univ. of Tokyo)

Tohru Yamada (Tohoku Univ.)


- Kana Morokuma (NAOJ)

- Junichi Baba (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

- Yoichi Tamura (Univ. of Tokyo)

- Ryu Makiya (Univ. of Tokyo)

- Akifumi Seko (Kyoto Univ.)

- Tsutomu Takeuchi (Nagoya Univ.)


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