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EA-ARC User's Guide

The EA-ARC User's Guide explains what is the role of the East Asian Alma Regional Center within the ALMA project, what is its structure, and how it can help users at the different stages of their ALMA observing project.

Steps to get your ALMA data How the EA-ARC can help you?
Register at the ALMA Science Portal (Open New Window ) Any trouble with the registration?
Download, install ALMA software (OT, CASA) and make use of services Bugs or unexpected behaviour in the software?
Phase 1 (Proposal submission) Preparing a complicated proposal?
Phase 2 (Observation phase) Help with scheduling block preparation
Track projects: SnooPI Help on checking the project status
Retrieve data: ALMA Science Archive ( Help making use of the archive
Data reduction (CASA) Tutorials: check EA-ARC webpage Basic support: use the Helpdesk Advanced support: visit us

Major roles of East Asian ALMA Regional Center (EA-ARC)

  • Issue call for proposals
  • Helpdesk: We provide help for preparing a proposal (called Phase I), preparation of observing scripts (called Phase II), data reduction, etc. Please contact us using Helpdesk web page linked from ALMA Science Portal page.
  • Assist JAO in the Proposal Review Process.
  • Phase 2 materials: We prepare observing tables (Scheduling Blocks) for accepted programs.
  • Quality Assurance: We make sure that quality of the data and data reduction will meet the standard.
  • Archive, distribution of data and processed images: We archive raw data and calibrated images at Archive and arrange for PI and archive users to access them.
  • Face to face expert assistance: We provide face-to-face support when needed.
  • Expert hands-on data reduction help.
  • Organize tutorials: We provide a tutorial to let users know (1) the information that they need to prepare proposals and (2) how to reduce ALMA data.


The preferred way to obtain any type of support is via the ALMA Helpdesk, a ticketing system, at which ALMA users can address via web in order to obtain assistance.

This includes questions on proposal preparation and finding documentation to more regional ARC questions concerning face-to-face support or tutorials, as well as questions regarding software, such as CASA, the Observing Tool (OT) and the ALMA data archive.

The user may also indicate that he/she require face-to-face support or an ARC scientist may suggest that face-to-face help is desirable.


Requests for face-to-face support should always be made through the Helpdesk. In the Helpdesk ticket give as much as possible information on the purpose of the visit and the proposed ARC location and dates. Together with the staff at the EA-ARC, it is decided on which dates the communication (videoconference etc.) or visit will take place. Support staff are responsible for arranging the details of the communication or visit. Each visitor is assigned a single member of staff for support purposes.

Prior to a visit, the user's data is downloaded from the archive and made ready for their arrival. Computer facilities at Astronomy Data Center in NAOJ are made available for users having user accounts. Users who are stationed in Japan can request ADC accounts (see below), but please note that it can take about a week until new accounts are usable after the application. If users have any special needs or plan to work on their private laptop computer, this should be discussed with the ARC before arrival. Single laptop use is in principle not encouraged taking into account the expected sizes of the ALMA data files. The EA-ARC provide facilities for the user to copy data onto their preferred device, such as a hard disk drive or DVD. Before a user travels to the EA-ARC, they discuss with the EA-ARC staff which media are supported and whether the user should bring appropriate storage devices.

The user is invited to submit feedback on the service received and whether the goals of the visit were met.

It is foreseen that most users apply for funding to their local institutions for travel support to the EA-ARC. Note that the EA-ARC might have access to funds for visiting scientists as well.

Computer resources at EA ARC (NAOJ)

We provide computer resources at NAOJ Astronomy Data Center (ADC) to ALMA users who are stationed in Japan. One can run CASA on these machines available for ALMA data analysis. You can submit your application form through the web page below.

Open use of Data Analysis System at ADC Analysis system user application form

Please note that these resources are open for graduate students and the levels above. It's not open to undergraduate students.
You can access to these machines inside/outside of NAOJ network.
Please find the details of the system and how to use it on the web at The Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System (MDAS)


An updated list of tools with their corresponding instructions and documentation can be found in the following ALMA Science Portal.


The ALMA archive contains the pipeline products (images and calibrated uv data), raw data and off-line data which are made available to PIs by the EA-ARC.

Research papers based on ALMA observations are listed in the web page below.

Astronomical Society of Japan Meeting in Spring 2014, ALMA special session
"Astronomy making use of ALMA Archive Data" Presentation files
  • Introduction Masa Hayashi (NAOJ) PDF file
  • Science Cases using ALMA Archive Data
    • a. Galaxy formation: Tohru Nagao (Ehime Univ.) PDF file
    • b. Star formation: Tomoya Hirota (NAOJ) PDF file
  • Using ALMA Archive: Erik Muller (NAOJ) PDF file


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