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ALMA-J Workshop

2010 First Semester

Hideyuki Izumiura Stellar Studies during the ALMA Early Science Operations Workshop January 31 to February 1,2011
Kotaro Kohno ALMA sub-working group on galaxies (focusing on high-z) Seminar January 17,2011
Toshikazu Onishi ALMA sub-working group on star formation Seminar December 15, 2011
Takashi Tsukagoshi Discussion on protoplanetary disk observations toward the ALMA Early Science Operations Seminar October 28,Nobember 22,2010 January 5,January31,2011
Akiko Kawamura Study of the Magellanic System and M33 by ALMA Seminar October 27
Nobuo Arimoto Birth of the universe, galaxies, stars, planets and life Workshop September 29 to October 1

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