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List of Users Meetings, workshops, and symposiums on ALMA

December 26-27, 2017ARC
ALMA/45m/ASTE Users Meeting 2017, Mitaka
Protoplanetary Disk Observations in ALMA Cycle 6
Workshop of Solar system science with ALMA
ALMA Star Workshop -- What can we really do with ALMA? --
November 29 - December 2, 2017Others
The Origin of Galaxies, Stars, and Planets in the Era of ALMA
November 27-29, 2017ARC
East Asia ALMA Science Workshop 2017 - Korea
October 3-5, 2017ARC
ALMA Long Baseline Workshop
August 1-2, 2017Others
NRO45m/ASTE Single Dish Science Workshop 2017
Gaseous Debris Disk Workshop
October 26, 2017WS
Star formation with ALMA: Evolution from dense cores to protostars
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