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Workshop & Events

List of Users Meetings, workshops, and symposiums on ALMA

March 29-30, 2022ARC
ALMA Cycle9 2022 Proposal Preparation Meeting
Tuesday 18-21, 2022ARC
East Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2022
December 14, 16, and 21, 2021ARC
FY2021 ALMA/45m/ASTE Users Meeting
Synergies between ALMA and wide-field high-cadence multi-wavelength surveys
December 6 and 13, 2021ARC
ALMA Grant Fellow Symposium 2021
November 1,2, 2021WS
Cold outflows near and far: crossroad of our current understandings
December 20,22, 2021WS
Millimeter/submillimeter VLBI sciences with ALMA
March 22-23, 2021 ARC
ALMA Cycle 8 2021 Proposal Preparation Meeting
February 17-19, 2021ARC
East Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2021
January 5-7, 2019ARC
ALMA/45m/ASTE Users Meeting 2020
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