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ALMA-J Workshop

2011 First Semester

Toshikazu Onishi ALMA sub-working group on star formation Seminar series December 14, 2011
Akiko Kawamura Study of the ISM properties and star formation activities in the Local Group galaxies by ALMA Seminar series November 22
Hideyuki Izumiura ALMA Star Workshop Workshop June 23 to 24
Tomoya Hirota Development of new science at milli- arcsec spatial resolution Seminar series June 1
Kotaro Kohno ALMA sub-working group on galaxies (focusing on AGN and high-z) Seminar series May 31, June 21
Takayuki Muto Observations of protoplanetary disks in the ALMA Early Science Operation phase Seminar series May 21, November 17
Hiroyuki Maezawa Workshop on millimeter/terahertz-wave receiver technology Workshop November 18 to19

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