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ALMA-J Workshop

2012 First Semester

Kotaro Kohno New Trends in Radio Astronomy in ALMA Era: 30th Anniversary of NRO Workshop December 3-8, 2012
Masumi Shimojo ALMA Workshop on Solar Observations Seminar September 4, October 3
Kazuya Saigo ALMA Sub-Working Group on Star Formation Seminar June 29, 2012
Nario Kuno Study of ISM and Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies by ALMA Seminar June 27, 2012
Masatoshi Ohishi The Universe and Life Seminar June 21 ,2012
Bunyo Hatsukade ALMA sub-working group on galaxies (focusing on AGN and high-z) Seminar June 12 ,2012
Makoto Miyoshi Galactic Center Explosions 2013 and ALMA Seminar TBD
Hideyuki Izumiura Study of Stars and ISM during ALMA Early Science Operations Workshop June 11 to 12
Tomoya Hirota New Science Explored by Milli-arcsecond High Spatial Resolution Observation Seminar June 7 ,2012
Akihiro Doi Study of AGN High Energy Phenomena with ALMA Seminar June 6 ,2012
Ryo Yamazaki ALMA Observations of Supernovas and Supernova Remnants Workshop June 1 to 2
Takashi Tsukagoshi Observations of Protoplanetary Disks during ALMA Early Science Operations Seminar May 24, 2012

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