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ALMA Grant Fellow Symposium 2021

ARCDecember 6 and 13, 2021

ALMA Grant Fellow Symposium 2021

Venue: Online
Date: December 6, 2021

(20 min talk + 5 min QA)

8:55-9:00 Daisuke Iono

9:00-9:25 Tom Bakx
Accurate dust temperature determination in a z = 7.13 galaxy

9:25-9:50 Yoshinobu Fudamoto
The Rise of Dust Obsured Galaxies during Cosmic Reionization

9:50-10:15 Yuma Sugahara
ISM properties of z>6 galaxies studied with ALMA fine-structure lines and photo-ionization models

10:15-10:40 Yuki Kudoh
Circumnuclear multi-phase dusty gas in Circinus galaxy: observations versus simulations

10:40-11:05 Tomonari Michiyama
Resolving the electron accerelation sites in the kpc-scale jet with ALMA

11:05-11:30 Yuri Nishimura
Spatially and spectrally resolved HCN/HCO+ line ratio in U/LIRGs: Mechanisms to elevate the line ratio

11:30-11:55 Hiddo AlgeraUnveiling Dusty Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization with REBELS

Venue: Online
Date: December 13, 2021

(20 min talk + 5 min QA)

8:55-9:00 Daisuke Iono

9:00-9:25 Toshiki Saito
The Negative AGN Feedback and Its Chemical Properties in the Nearby Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 1068

9:25-9:50 Hiroyuki Kaneko
Three-dimensional distributions of the density and kinetic temperature of the molecular gas in the central region of NGC 613

9:50-10:15 Kazuki Tokuda
An ALMA study of the LMC-N159W-North clump as one of the most massive protocluster systems in the Local Group

10:15-10:40 Mitsuyoshi Yamagishi
ALMA view of the ρ Ophiuchi A PDR with a 360 au beam: the origins of the [CI] emission

10:40-11:05 Gianni Cataldi
Studying the origin of debris disk gas by measuring the C/CO ratio

11:05-11:30 Yi Yang
SR 21: protoplanetary disk with multiple rings and asymmetric structures

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