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East Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2018

ARCDecember 17 - 19, 2018

East Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2018

Date: December 17 - 19, 2018
Venue: I-site Namba

The main aim of this workshop is to continue to promote and stimulate international collaboration among the researchers in the EA partners, by reviewing and sharing the most recent ALMA science results in all relevant fields of astronomy. We plan to hold discussion sessions to promote closer communication among the researchers in related fields.

Program Organising Committee:
Misato Fukagawa (Nagoya University/NAOJ)
Daisuke Iono (NAOJ)
Aran Lyo (KASI)
Yuichi Matsuda (NAOJ, Chair)
Hideko Nomura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Hiroko Shinnaga (Kagoshima University)
Toshikazu Onishi (Osaka Prefecture University)
Wei-Hao Wang (ASIAA)

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