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NRO45m/ASTE Single Dish Science Workshop 2017

OthersAugust 1-2, 2017

Date:August 1 - 2, 2017
Venue : NAOJ Nobeyama Radio Observatory
Language : Slides should be prepared in English, but talks can be given in Japanese.

At Nobeyama Radio Observatory, a new phase of 45m radio telescope is going to start. Now, three legacy program is finishing, and it is expected that world-leading preeminent results will come. Furthermore, we are entering the phase to achieve cutting-edge scientific output through new observations using receivers including FOREST.

In the southern hemisphere, ASTE is offering 345 GHz and 450 GHz receiver capabilities, and new and unique results are being published, including those leading to ALMA observations. It is also expected that the new detector Deshima (On-chip Filterbank Spectrometer for Submillimeter Wave Cosmology) will open our view to high-z universe.

In this workshop, we focus on scientific results from single-dish radio telescopes. (1) We introduce up-to-date scientific results with Nobeyama 45 m telescope and ASTE. (2) We discuss future requirements from the scientific point of view. We invite oral and poster presentations. Possible topics include; scientific results with Nobeyama 45m telescope, ASTE, or other single-dish telescopes, possibilities of new instrumental development, theoretical studies based on observational results, etc. Poster presentations are not limited to single dish results, and we accept results from other related facilities such as ALMA.

Organizers: Tomofumi Umemoto (NRO), Ken Tatematsu (Chile Observatory/NRO), Daisuke Iono (Chile Observatory)

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