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ALMA-J Workshop

ALMA Workshop for Large Proposals on Nearby Galaxies

Fumi Egusa
(Large Proposal)
August 25-26, 2015


Day 1 (Tuesday, Augest 25, 2015)
9:00Fumi EgusaOpening remarks
9:05Kouichiro NakanishiALMA Large Proposal & Cycle 4 Capabilities

Session 1 (central regions)

9:30Martin BureauMeasuring Supermassive Black Holes Across the Hubble Sequence
10:45Yoshiaki SofueRotation Curve Decomposition of Spiral Galaxies --- From Black Holes to Dark Halos ---
11:10Nanase HaradaSpectral line surveys in nearby galaxies.
13:00Takuma IzumiPossible Collaboration with a Survey of Cold Molecular Gas in the Southern Seyfert Galaxies
13:25Shuro TakanoMolecular abundances in nearby starburst galaxies based on our NRO 45m line survey project and ALMA cycle 0
14:10Discussion (session 1)

Session 2 (GMC scale)

15:25Tomoka TosakiALMA view of GMCs in spiral galaxies
16:10Annie HughesDissecting the Gas-Star Formation Cycle in Nearby Galaxies with ALMA
17:10Masato I.N. KobayashiEvolution of Giant Molecular Cloud Mass Function due to Cloud-Cloud Collisions
17:35Ray FuruyaTowards Future ``Massive Protostar Hunting" in Nearby Galaxies
Day 2 (Wednesday, Augest 26, 2015)
9:00Shinya Komugi(TBA) Fundamental plane of GMCs
9:25Hsi-An PanWhat is a GMC? Are Observers and Simulators Discussing the Same Star-forming Clouds?
9:50Jin KodaALMA is not sensitive enough
10:45Discussion (session 2)

Session 3 (galaxy scale)

13:00Kartik ShethPractical lessons learned from large surveys of galaxies such as S4G, S4G+, SINGS, SONG and COSMOS
13:45Kazuo SoraiCO Multi-lines Imaging of Nearby Galaxies, COMING: Goals,Preliminary Results, and Expansion to Projects with ALMA
14:45Fumi EgusaCO mapping survey of ~100 nearby spiral galaxies with ALMA
15:10Kenji BekkiEnvironmental effects on morecular hydrogen of galaxies
15:35Discussion (session 2)
16:35Summary discussion
17:35Concluding remarks


Fumi Egusa (NAOJ, chair)
Hiroyuki Kaneko (NAOJ)
Junichi Baba (Tokyo Tech.)
Shinya Komugi (Kogakuin)

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